PIxel Flags 1.29.6

So in this update I've fixed a bug I found in version 1.29.6

But in 1.29.5, I've added the CZ-75 Auto, which does 1 damage (the players health is 10) and take 5 frames to reload (the game is 60 fps). The AK-47 does 4 damage but takes 20 frames to reload. Now the AWP, it does 10 damage, so It's an instant kill weapon but,  it takes 180 frame to reload (3 seconds). All of this needs to be compared to the weapon you spawn with or the 'Stock weapon' which does 2 damage and takes 15 frame to reload. 

Each gun can be found across the map in set locations, but soon I'll going at make it so that they spawn at random places on the map, but are still accessible. 


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Mar 06, 2018

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