Pixel Flags Update 1.3 - The weapons update

So recently, I've been doing a lot of work for Pixel Flags, mainly in the weapons department. Last update you saw 3 weapons added. Well, my friend, now there are 20 weapons. Each weapons has different damage, fire rate and accuracy. Also, I've added in crates as a new obstacle. Also, If you destroy a large crate with an explosive, it has a chance to spawn another weapons crate.

And the weapon crates. They have set spawn on each map, but spawn random weapons when opened. I decided to add this as it gice the player a sense of satisfaction when they open a crate and get an awesome weapon. It changes the player's reaction from "Oh, a lucky map" to a "Look at this luck, a Golden RPG!". 

Anyway, tell all your friends to at least check out the game. It helps me a lot when people check out my game and download it. Also feel free to check out my YouTube channel, which has the trailers for my games and also programming tutorials and comedy skits. Here's the like:


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